Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation!

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Hi Elite Fans!

Great news! I just finished the first rough draft of Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation! Yay! I’ve been working for months on this novel and I simply had to share it with you. Here is the nonofficial Blurb and I’ll definitely keep you inform on any new development. Now, I need to get back to writing their Senior Year Version. Enjoy!

Family is love. Family is protection. A nice family for Robert Edward Carroll would mean the world.

Robbie is a seventeen-year-old orphan suffering from a severe case of amnesia. For ten years his caseworker, Allison Lewis, tried endlessly to find him a home until she did. Little did Robbie know that he was about to get more than what he asked for.

Set twenty years after the events of Surviving Elite High: Senior, Surviving Elite High: The Next Generation introduces new characters to the Surviving Elite High Series as we visit some very beloved ones.

Expected Publication Date: March 2016